Tactical Upskilling

Engineers love to learn, and they learn by doing. At Talio, we know how to leverage an engineer’s innate curiosity and appetite for adventure to help them quickly ramp up with new skills. But with so many off-the-shelf training options available for engineers, crucial context around the businesses which need these skills gets left behind. We blend superior technical training with operational and organizational knowledge to help create business context empathy. We not only use your company’s technological stack but also critical information about your business model, strategy, and competitive landscape so that your engineers aren’t just learning skills in abstract but have the context to start delivering on your goals.

Scalable and Performant JS

  • Writing production-ready code from the start
  • How to verify performance via testing
  • How to identify & remediate problems and anti-patterns in existing code

Cybersecurity Ninja

  • How to protect your code by thinking like a hacker
  • Understanding vulnerabilities, exploits, and attack chains
  • Understanding and deploying countermeasures

Applied Machine Learning

  • Understanding types of neural networks and their use cases
  • Working with input data sources
  • Models, training, evaluation, and deployment

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