Executive Bootcamps

Learn like a coder so you can strategize like a leader.

At Talio, we’ve taken our expertise for helping engineers quickly ramp-up their skills with complex technology and used it to do the same for executives (without all the coding). We’ll tell you what you need to know about emerging new technologies, help you learn to discern the signal from the noise, and see the opportunities hidden inside all the hype. You’ll learn how to be conversant in new paradigms so you can work closely with engineers from an informed perspective. And you’ll review current case studies of other businesses adopting new technologies to understand how new business models are being formed.

Applied AI/ML for Executives

  • High-level essential concepts and theory
  • Understanding when (and when not) to use ML
  • Applying concepts to real business problems
  • Real-world case studies

Blockchain & Trustless Computing

  • Beyond bitcoin: really understanding blockchain
  • Types of business problems best suited to blockchain
  • Combining with traditional tech solutions
  • Meet executives using blockchain in their business

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